Chameleon Care &

Information Center (CCIC)


The following are some top online resources for chameleons:

Chameleons! Online E-Zine - A free, online chameleon magazine considered to be the best source of the most current information on chameleons written by “tops in their field” authors. - An impressive chameleon site containing an extensive species database, research articles, and morph guides among other things.

The Melleri Discovery - A site with extremely detailed information on the care of the Meller’s Chameleon.

The Chameleon Forums - A large online community of chameleon keepers and enthusiasts where you can post seeking or giving information about chameleons.

Chameleon Education and Outreach, Inc. (ChamEO) - A  501(c)(3) tax-exempt, chameleon rescue in southern California.

The TIGR Reptile Database: Family Chamaeleonidae - An excellent and current resource on chameleon classification.

Christopher V. Anderson’s Personal Website - CCIC Author & Founder’s personal website featuring high-speed videos of chameleon feeding, chameleon photos, and other topics.


Online Resources